The Cathedral, my spiritual home, my family. | 圣心主教座堂:我们属灵的归宿,我们的家。

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

Peace of Christ!

The renovation is gathering pace. The entire roof will be changed from the Cathedral proper to the Annex which houses St James’ Hall. Even St Mary’s Square needs a new canopy. We will instal a big fan that will help to circulate air for better comfort of those spending time with Our Lady.

Our pews have found new homes. If you visit St Anne’s in Alor Gajah, Our Lady of Guadalupe in Krubong and the chapels belonging to the parish of St Paul the Hermit in Bestari Jaya (formerly Batang Berjuntai), you will be greeted by familiar pews, sanctified by your sitting and graced by your praying. We are thankful that they have found new spiritual homes to extend their shelf lives. While waiting for the new pews, we will undertake the changing of tiles. New pews, new tiles. Better praying space.

The sanctuary will be raised so that the congregation at the back can have a better view of the liturgical actions that are taking place at the altar. The stained glass panels which bear the burden of history will be removed and restored. They will have to be housed elsewhere and in their places, we will have a more coherent stained glass panel that highlights the colossal and captivating crucifix the Cathedral has. The new stained glass panel will lend itself to a more unified experience as we will see a group of saints surrounding the Cross, each one animated by the love for the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

At the entrance of the Cathedral, we will provide the possibility of baptism by immersion by incorporating a baptismal font. It is a powerful symbol that reminds us that once baptised, the other Sacraments are available to the person who rises out of the pool.

Apart from architectural changes, the means of evangelisation that require our attention are the audio-visual systems. We must upgrade the tools of communication so that the message of Christ can be fully appreciated and received.

While change is inevitable, the principle we embrace is the past is not destroyed to build the future. Our effort is to preserve whatever heritage and legacy we have inherited. Mindful of our future needs, we forge ahead respectful of our history.

“Go…, and build the house, that I may take pleasure in it and that I may be glorified, says the LORD.” (Hg 1:8)

Journeying with you and thanking you for your support. 

God bless



亲爱主内兄弟姐妹, 主内平安!

装修工程正在加速进行。 从主教座堂的圣堂正楼到圣雅各伯礼堂的附属建筑的屋顶将被更换,甚至圣母亭也需要更换一个新的顶篷。

为了提供那些想与圣母一起共度时光的人们一个舒适的空间,我们将在圣母亭安装一个大型风扇,以帮助空气流通。 我们圣堂的长椅已经找到了新家。如果您拜访亚罗牙也的圣安纳堂、古鲁蒙的瓜达露佩圣母堂以及位于Bestari Jaya的隐修圣保禄堂,您将会看到这些熟悉的长椅,这些您曾经坐过和富于祈祷恩典的长椅。我们感激它们已经找到了新的属灵家园来延长它们的使用寿命。 在等待新长椅到来的同时,我们将更换地砖。新长椅,新地砖,更好的祈祷空间。

祭台将会被抬高,以便坐在后方的教友们能更好地看到祭台上正在进行中的礼仪。承载着历史的彩绘玻璃将会被拆下并进行修复。它们过后将被安置在别处。而在它们的原本位置上,我们将拥有一个更有连贯性的彩绘玻璃,以突显主教座堂庞大而迷人的十字架。新的彩绘玻璃将带来更加统一的体验,因为我们将看到一群圣人环绕在十字架周围,每一个都因对耶稣圣心的爱而充满活力。 在主教座堂的入口处,我们将设立一个圣洗池以提供浸水式洗礼。这是一个强有力的象征,提醒我们一旦受洗,其他的圣事即可从圣洗池中出来后而获得。



“你们去…. 建造殿宇!我必因此喜悦,并发显光荣──上主说。”(盖1:8)





Centre of Worship | 祈祷圣所

Brothers and sisters in Christ,


St James’ Hall will be our centre of worship for the coming months. We want to provide a space that is conducive to worship. For example, the back drop of the altar. Sometimes, a concept and its reality do not coincide. As you can see, the backdrop was meant to suggest a Cross on the mountain with a background shrouded in mist that looks into infinity. However, the reality is different.


Please take note that the tabernacle is at the side. The backdrop is stunning with angels worshipping the Bread of Angels. Angels recognise their Lord and so we ought to as well by keeping noise to a minimum.



We are by no means finished. We still want to add more sacred paintings to help transform St James’ Hall in a spiritual space that provides a sacred ambience needed for a more meaningful worship.


“The God of heaven will give us success. We his servants will start rebuilding….” (Neh 2:20a)


So, thank you for your support. 


God bless





Our Cathedral, our spiritual home, our family. | 我们的主教座堂,我们属灵的家,我们的家人。  

Brothers and sisters in Christ,

We arrived yesterday evening, hearts bursting with thanksgiving to the Lord for His blessings upon us. Despite the 2nd day Raya traffic and yesterday’s rain, we managed to visit the intended Churches along the pilgrim route.  

We are grateful for the warm welcome extended to us by our brothers and sisters of the Churches we visited. They went out of their way to ensure that we felt at home and they were incredibly happy that we visited them as we filled many of the Churches to the brim. The atmosphere of welcome highlights for us that in the Church there are no strangers but only brothers and sisters we have not met.  

Some of you may have followed the pilgrimage through Facebook and Telegram postings. We hope that through us you have enjoyed it vicariously. Thank you all for the support and your prayers even as we prayed for those who were not able to join us. The pilgrimage bonded us together and we look forward to the next gathering that will cement our relationship closer to be a spiritual family in the Lord. Please keep 16th Sept 2024 as a date to remember when we will celebrate the Cathedral’s Family Day at Majodi.  

“What then, brothers? When you come together, each one has a hymn, a lesson, a revelation, a tongue, or an interpretation. Let all things be done for building up.” (1 Cor 14:26)  

God bless you all






你们中的一些人可能已经通过 Facebook 和 Telegram 上的帖子关注了我们这次的朝圣之旅。我们希望你们能通过我们体验到朝圣的乐趣。感谢大家的支持和祈祷,同时,我们也为那些不能参与我们的人祈祷。朝圣之旅将我们紧紧联系在一起,我们期待着下一次将加深我们关系的聚会,使我们成为主内的属灵大家庭。请记住 2024 年 9 月 16 日,我们将在甲柔教区中心庆祝主教座堂的家庭日。    





Extra English Mass to ease the over-crowding of Saturday 5pm Mass | 为缓解星期六下午5点弥撒的拥挤状况增添一台英语弥撒

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Our challenge is not the number of Masses we have each Sunday. It is the spread of the English-speaking congregation amongst the 3 Masses we have each weekend. This uneven spread creates safety concerns. The seating capacity of both St James’ and St John’s Halls is about 430. As such, we cannot afford overcrowding because it sets up an evacuation impossibility. 

The Mass with the highest number in attendance is on Saturday at 5 pm. Since parents bring their children to be catechised, naturally they will stay after catechism to attend Mass. I canvassed last Saturday after the 5 pm Mass if some parishioners without catechism-age children would be amenable to attending the extra Mass at 9pm, there was practically no taker. 

Having consulted the Filipino community, I have decided that from this Sunday on, 14th April, the additional English Mass will be at 12:30 pm. To ease the pressure of over-crowding, this temporary arrangement will be for the duration of the renovation. 

Other time slots proposed and considered, particularly 3 pm and 8 pm on Sunday will not work. 3 pm is neither here nor there and 8 pm is already late for those who have to get back to work on Monday. 

12:30 pm on Sunday gives those who would like to sleep in on Sunday morning an opportunity to attend a later Mass followed by a relaxing afternoon lunch. For those without catechism-age children who are going to the 5 pm Saturday Mass, please consider attending this Sunday 12:30 pm Mass to help in the alleviation from overcrowding. 

I would like to thank the Filipino community for their generosity in bearing the burden of the attendant inconveniences of the renovation project“and let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, NOT GIVING UP MEETING TOGETHER, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching” (Heb 10:24-25). 

God bless





参加人数最多的弥撒是星期六下午 5 点。由于家长带着孩子来上要理课,他们自然会在要理课结束后留下来参加弥撒。上个星期六下午 5 点的弥撒结束后,我询问了一些不是带小孩来上教理课的教友,是否愿意参加晚上 9 点的额外弥撒,几乎是没有人愿意。 

经征求菲律宾团体的意见后,我决定从 4 月 14 日的主日起,在中午12点30分增加一台英语弥撒。为了缓解人满为患的压力,这一临时安排将持续到圣堂装修结束。 

其他建议和考虑的时段,特别是星期日下午 3 点和晚上8点皆行不通。下午3点的时间显得不上不下,而晚上 8 点对于星期一必须回去工作的人来说会太晚了。 


我要感谢菲律宾团体的慷慨大方,他们承担了整修工程带来的不便。我们"也应该彼此关怀,激发爱德,勉励行善,决不离弃我们的集会,就像一些人所习惯行的;反而应彼此劝勉;你们见那日子越近,就越该如此。 "(希10:24-25)。 




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