The Prodigal Son Returns: The Musical

A Musical play adapted from the Parable of the Prodigal Son from Luke 15:11-32.
In the parable, Jesus uses the image of a father’s love to illustrate God’s mercy. The human bond between a father and son is one that reaches deep into the heart. It is a love that is often beyond words.

Held at St James' Hall at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart on Saturday, 27 August 2016. It began at 8:15pm with a Praise and Worship session by Sacred Heart Youth Ministry.

Directors : Beleena Yong & Aloysius Lim
Music Coordinator : Lucia Chia-Wong
Musicians : Pio Kow, Josephine Kow, Victor Beins, Janet Ng & Cherilia Djagang
Costumes Designer : Diana Tangevalu
Assistants : Anna Fong, Stephanie Pang, Geraldine Ng, Janet Ng & Sally Lingam
Sound Technicians : Alfred Michael
Assistants : Alan Michael & Victor George Beins
Stage Manager : Adrian Leong
Stage Crew : Matthew Ong & Zachery Wong
Lightnings Coordinator : Jerald Wong
Publicity and Ticket Sales for Dinner : Adrian Leong, Mervin Ng, Vivian Wong and Kenneth Chong
Backdrop & Props : Anne Marie
Assistants : Leonard Tsein, Geraldine Ng, Edna Quin and Sally Lingam
Food coordinator : Jonathan Wong
Narrators : Aaron Terantino & Kieran Monteiro
Prodigal Son : Bryan Yong
Father : Stephen Wong
Elder Son : Jonathan Wong
Workers & Friends : Aaron Josh Rajan, Jason Tom, Thomas Aaron Kevin & Klara Nair
Sales Girl : Marilyn Lim
Servant : Rebecca Anne Pereira
Citizen : Edna Quin
Songs sung at the Play :  
Come Home   Words: Penelope Moody Allen
Music: Michael F. Moody
Arranged by Sally DeFord
In His Time   Music and Words by Diana Ball
Here I am to Worship   Tim Hughes
Amazing Grace (My Chains Have Gone)   Words and Music by John Newton, John P. Ross, Edwin Othello Excell, Chris Tomlin, and Louie Giglio
Arranged and Orchestrated by BJ Davis

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Photos from the Play:

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Stage Crew, Casts and Narrators

ps 11

The Combine choirs from St Matthew, St Mark & St Luke

ps 12   ps 13

The Musicians

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Technical Team

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