Good Friday

Good Friday saw "The Passion" play re-enacting the suffering of Jesus as he sacrificed himself for us. It was a production that took 3 months of blood, sweat and tears of all that were involved in making the play a success. This was the first time the Cathedral witnessed a full Passion play and "cruxification"on a Good Friday afternoon.

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The cast getting into prayer before the show begins. Bishop Paul Tan blesses the cast & crew prior to the start of the Passion play. The cast is lead in procession by Jesus, played by Dominic Simon. Fr. James Rajendran leads the congregation. The congregation waits in anticipation. The ladies who worked hard behind the scenes. Jesus praying at the Garden of Gethsemane. Judas leads the High Priest and the Roman guards to Jesus. Jesus is brought before Caiphas. Pontius Pilate questions Jesus. The scourging at the pillar by the Roman guards. The Roman Centurion mocks Jesus. Simon of Cyrene is forced by the Chief Centurion to carry the cross. Jesus meets the women of Jurasalem. The crowd following behind in procession. Jesus is crucified. Jesus is laid in the arms of Mary. The body of Jesus being wrapped by Joseph of Aramathea. The veneration of the Cross by the parishioners. The English choir singing with passion on Good Friday.
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