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Parish Announcements | 堂讯

2rd March - 12th April  Lunchtime Masses During the Season of Lent  | 四旬期午间平日弥撒

18th March - 5th April Lenten Outreach to the Poor |四旬期活动-- 为贫苦者

25th March Parish Day Of Prayer | 堂区祈祷日

26th March Infant Baptism

27th March Lent Penitential Service | 四旬期和好圣事

Fridays Way of the Cross | 苦路善功

Friday - SundayReligious Goods Shop | 圣物店营业时间通告

Melaka-Johor Diocese Holy Week Schedule


Latest Gallery | 最新画廊

聚餐联谊站 | Brunch Station

考核禮 I 2017 Mandarin RCIA First Scrutiny

四旬期退省 Mandarin Lenten Recollection

Rite of Election 2017

Ash Wednesday 2017 | 圣灰礼仪星期三


Publication of Banns | 结婚公告



Catholic Marriage Preparation Course



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Day Time (E) - English (M) - Mandarin
SUN 7.45am (E) Mass
9.45am (M) Mass
5.45pm (E) Evening Prayer (Vespers)
6.00pm (E) Mass
Every 2nd & 3rd Sunday of the month -11.30am Mass in Tagalog (Filipino Community)
MON 6.30am (E) Morning Prayer (Lauds)
6.45am (E) Mass
TUES 6.30am (E) Morning Prayer (Lauds)
6.45am (E) Mass
WED 6.30am (E) Morning Prayer (Lauds)
6.45am (E) Mass
THU 6.30am (E) Morning Prayer (Lauds)
6.45am (E) Mass
FRI 6.30am (E) Morning Prayer (Lauds)
6.45am (E) Mass
SAT 6.30am (E) Morning Prayer (Lauds)
6.45am (E) Mass
SAT 5.15pm (E) Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help.
(5:00pm on First Saturdays with Benediction) 
6.00pm (E) Mass
The Mass will also be sign language for the deaf community by volunteers.



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